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IT InfoTech Solution provides quality and leading solutions for businesses planning to leverage the power of the Internet to achieve their business goals. Our work is not just a task. We thoroughly understand that every business faces unique challenges. Therefore, our solutions incorporate leading edge technologies that evolve as your business grows. We work with our clients to ensure successful implementation of our projects for the rapid accomplishment of your business objectives. Our applications enhance your business value, improve your operational excellence, and ensure that you strategize your business in the right direction.
Some of our services include- Web Development, Product Development, E-strategy Consulting, Offshore software development, Web-Enablement Designing, Application development, .Net Development , PHP Development, Software Development, Multimedia and Design Solutions, WAP Development and ERP.
In addition to our off the shelf packages we also provide custom database applications tailored to meet the demands of business of any size from any industry.
Our team specialise in Microsoft .Net, Adobe Action Script (AS2 & AS3), PHP, Java and associated database technology such as Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and MySQL. We ensure that the development package we propose for your business is suited to your needs as we are not limited to one specific platform or vendor.
 Application Service Providers
 Management Software 
 Computer Games 
 Manufacturing Software
 Construction Software 
 Mobile and Handheld Software 
 Data Management 
 Multimedia Software
 Data Migration
 On-Demand software
 Database Software 
 Open Source Software 
 Document Management 
 Real Time Sysems
 Educational Software
 Security Software 
 Embedded Systems 
 Server Software
 Expert Systems
 Service Management Software
 Financial Software 
 Small Business Software
 Software Architecture
 GUI Design
 Software Components
 Logistics Software
 Software Quality Assurance
 Management Information Systems
 Software Testing

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