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 Custom Database Design, Development & Management
IT InfoTech Solution is a web application development company based in India. We understand that having certain web application features ensures you better business prospects in a competitive market. It is cost effective and time saving. Be assured, for you will be provided up-to-date solutions, since we always upgrade our application development criteria keeping in mind, your essential needs in the market. From Database development, management and integration to building CMS and CRM among others, we build custom software.
 Custom Web Applications
The entire process between Web based software design and development to upgrading it forms the core in building custom software for a client. The applications we build for the client goes through a stringent process of development, quality testing, deployment and enhancements. Our client based application development services can be categorized in these main areas, eCommerce Solutions, Content Management Systems, Customer Relationship Management, Database driven website, Web enabling legacy systems, Web application re-engineering, and Website enhancements. Our proficient team is skilled at using all sorts of web tools and languages like PHP, MySQL, MS SQL server and more. Selecting the right custom software solution is a very important process.
You will have to analyze all your functions, operational and technical requirements. Our team of expert consultants on technology will assist you in doing that. We deliver any given project on time, at reasonable rates and meet all challenges.
 Content Management Systems (CMS)
A content management system is a computer software system which is used to assist its users in the process of content management. Using a Content Management System is a quick and easy way to update and manage the contents of a web site and also allows one to add new pages and delete the ones you do not require. A web content management system is a system with features to help publish web content to web sites easily. You can simply take the text and images from your computer and upload on your web site at a click of a button. Every page will look as the style is already maintained in the beginning and only the content and the images will change. Designed as an entirely perceptive tool, anyone who can use the internet can use this system. With the help of our Content Management System, you can add new pages, copy contents from a document and paste them. We build a menu system, for each new page. A search facility will be created for the convenience of your customers. If there are news items, you can also keep expiry dates on them. A site map is also created. All of these are managed by an Administration section, also known as the Control Panel. The Content Management Systems we build helps put people in a total control over the contents of their websites without any help from a web developer or a programmer.
 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
The Customer Relationship Management solutions that we create helps you mechanize many regular and frequently upgrading tasks, help save time and at the same time give you a cost reliable solution. The tools are simple and easy to use. The CRM solutions we develop help bring together data, assist at sales to answer customer queries promptly. The planner that we create within it will help you review the outcomes of your marketing strategies and campaigns. You will also be able to send regular emails or newsletters on a mass and maintain and manage customer communication through our email program. You will also be able to analyze all the data and craft reports in your worksheet application. We create a framework within itself that will make the system of payroll and project tracking, simple and easy. No matter how big the organization, the software we create is not complex and can help in the process of expenditure reporting, scheduling needs, salaries estimates and sending invoices.
 E-Commerce Application
We have set up resources on research and expansion to come up with secure, stable and portable e-commerce solutions for our clients. We have helped many companies set uponline e-commerce shops and taken them through the entire process from concept to success. Whether it is in accepting credit card payments or formulating a shipping policy we have the experience, knowledge and tools to help build a successful online commerce presence.

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