Content Marketing

 Content marketing is about reaching, winning and holding on to an audience that is actively looking for the information you produce.
Unfortunately, most self-appointed “content marketers” are really just low quality copywriters or SEOs in disguise. While we fully understand how well SEO works together with content marketing (hey, we built our business on the fact!), IT InfoTech Solution is a company that bases its content promotion services on the give and take model. You give value to your customers and take their attention. It’s as simple as that.
Just as you wouldn’t throw darts without a board, we make sure every snippet of content that we make for you has a purpose, direction, and is closely aligned with your strategy and business goals. Each blog post, ebook, infographic, whitepaper or guide is carefully crafted to make sure it resonates with influencers, prospects and customers alike. Everything is built around your primary web asset – your blog!
We nurture your content like our own baby. Business or blog content is not a commodity. Which is why we never outsource content creation or pass it on to freelancers. Our team of in-house writers, designers, conversion optimizers, and branding consultants is extensively trained in inbound marketing and persuasion tactics.
Those are just some of the reasons why IT InfoTech Solution has been chosen by the Content Marketing Institute as a recommended content provider. And makes it to Onalytica’s Top Content Marketing Agencies list year after year. And is trusted by ecommerce sites selling millions of goods as well as the next SaaS-based startup with their product copy and brand messaging.
 Work with you to define a unique position in the marketplace of ideas
 Locate the top platforms for your target audience
 Post top-tier content on these platforms (including blog posts, videos, infographics, and more)
 Refer these audiences to your site, where they can subscribe for updates
 Keep these audiences with high value updates
 Promote these updates by maintaining relationships with influencers
 Expand your reach by making these updates easy to share
 Supplement this with bite-size content on social media platforms
 Take targeted actions to convert an audience into revenue, without putting them off

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